the new juicing


Souping is the new juicing.  Yes, you read that right.  Some genius health foodies in LA are starting to cash in on the latest trend and it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the country (or NYC at least) catches on.

Unlike juices, which often leave one hungry, soups focuses on fiber, fat, protein and the veggies that need to be cooked for maximum nutritional benefits.  

Sold separately or as a complete cleanse, there are currently two companies on the cutting edge – Soupier and Soupelina, both in Los Angeles.  Soupure has they’re own chef and recipe developer as well as a nutritional specialist and nutritionist on board.  With a large of products, the brand is part your grandmothers elixer part food science part modern health program.  They specialize in both cold and hot versions of soup and even make soup smoothies.  Yum!  Whether you’re vegan or not, their bases range from vegetable, chicken and beef broth.  All all-natural, of course.

I’m a huge fan of drinking green juice in the morning, but can definitely appreciate this new souping fad.