6 Steps to Healing Yourself

Photo by anyaberkut/iStock / Getty Images

Until about six months ago, I’ve always accepted being part of a society where the easiest thing to do to cure or control an illness, disorder or even just a hangover was take a pill.  To be honest, I never really thought about it as a controversy until I went off of my daily migraine medicine and began attending school for nutrition.

It is appalling to find that in the US alone, there were 3,899,799,770 (yep, almost 4 billion) retail prescription drugs filled just last year.  Unfortunately, western medicine keeps the government happy, which is why non-traditional healing practices are often overlooked in our society. 

I’m not saying that I’m against medicine by any means, but believe that it’s often a quick, easy answer and not always the right move.  Dr. Lisa Rankin, Author of Mind Over Medicine, preaches six steps to healing yourself without an prescription, which with the right support, lead to optimal health.


Belief is based on hope.  Just like the way placebo drugs work, belief is based on hope.  You need to believe that the body can cure itself.

Enlist the right support system

We’ve been conditioned to trust doctors, and almost surrender to them.  Recognize that you’re in charge of your own body and work with doctors who offer nurturing care, while understanding that your treatment is a collaborative effort. 

Listen to yourself 

Trust your intuition.  You know your body better than anyone.

Diagnosing the real reason you’re sick

Take the time to pay attention to how your body is responding and figure out what it’s rejecting and what it needs.  When you take the time to think about it, chances are you will know the change you need to make in order to feel better.

Write your own prescription

Once you understand what you need, it’s your responsibility to make change happen. 

Allow yourself to surrender  

This isn’t easy to do, but face uncertainty with courage and believe the Universe has a plan for you.  Be proactive in that plan, but surrender your own agenda. 

In the US alone, there were 3,899,799,770 retail prescription drugs filled just last year.