The Best Summer Hair Removal Products

for here, there and everywhere...

Photo by yuriyzhuravov/iStock / Getty Images

We hate to complain about summer after the frigidly cold winter we all just endured. But as temperatures rise, clothing gets smaller, and we’re back in yet another season of obsessively compulsively removing our unwanted hair. We promise, these products will get the job done, so you can spend less time worrying about your bikini line and more time enjoying the sun.



Venus Swirl

$8.99 at Walgreens

Perfect for the days when you want to rock your cutoffs, the Swirl stands out in the razor aisle due to its unique FlexiBall handle, which enables it to move in multiple directions. This ensures the closest shave, even on tricky spots like your knees and ankles. And while the Venus Swirl has five razors blades, it still delivers a gentle, cut-free shave. No need to worry about treating any annoying nicks or bumps! 



Arms & Stomach


Bliss Fuzz Off Foam

$32 at Ulta

Statement strappy sports bras are totally in this season, and I couldn’t be more on board with this look. But when you want to work out in just your sports bra and shorts, how do you combat unsightly stomach and arm hair? This all-over, gentle foam is perfect for removing fuzzy stomach and arm hair. It works incredibly fast, and can easily be rinsed off after application. If you like your products scented, the Fuzz Off Foam is definitely for you as it doubles as a fresh, light-weight fragrance, too.



Schick HydroSilk Trimstyle

$13.99 at Ulta

We're sure we're not alone when we say bikini-area maintenance is probably our least favorite part of summer, right up there with humidity and frizzy hair. Luckily, the Trimstyle helps by making this regimen more bearable.  This waterproof, battery-powered electric razor boasts five blades surrounded by moisture strips that contour to the natural curves of your body on one side and a trimmer with an adjustable comb on the other.  This is the closest product we’ve found to a one-size-fits-all shaving solution.