The Secret to Happiness

Because it's time to turn outward.


Did you know that you have a ton of control over your mood and presence? Turns out that while 50% of your happiness is already determined by your genetics, there's still a lot of room for you to control.  So, how happy are you?  Here's how we can all shine a little bit brighter.

Generally, we all have a set range of happiness that fluctuates depending on life circumstances and our own thoughts and actions.  What happens in our daily lives, whether good or bad, greatly affects our mood, or so we like to think.  Turns out, situations only affect about 20% of our happiness levels.  So then why do life events make us so high or feel so low?  Because of our thoughts.  

It's liberating to know that our mood can be greatly affected by our thoughts.  Isn't it? 30% of our happiness depends on them.  We actually have the power to push ourselves to the top or bottom of our happiness range by our thoughts about situations alone.  

When I began this new site, it was my mission to try to spread joy through providing you with beauty, health and wellness tips.   Personally, meditation, spirituality and morning mantras help me see clearly and better understand how to live a life of fulfillment.  I believe that by understanding how much our each and every thought affects our mood, we can all become more aware and therefore, live a happier life.  Awareness is power.  I challenge you to challenge your thoughts.