Choose Abundance

It's no secret that we live in a world that constantly reminds us – we're not enough – pretty enough, young enough, smart enough, skinny enough... and the list goes on.  After we get through the personal battle of confidence and self worth, we're faced with the idea that we don't have enough – time, money, love, opportunity.  But when is enough, enough? 


Through experimenting with spirituality, I've come to learn that at the end of the day, when you strip all the layers off, you are enough, just as you are.  Truth is, we're abundant by nature and born with the capability to love, which can lead us to the greatest form of joy if we allow.  We just need to tune into our true selves, (something not many of us are good at), to realize it.  So where does this feeling of lack come from?  Blame the media.

Abundance is a choice.

It's no secret that the media distorts our views and make us question our self worth and the lives we lead time and time again.  The average American is exposed to thousands of advertising messages per day.  We're so bombarded that we're all greatly affected whether you realize it or not.  

So when is enough, enough?  

It's time to take a time out.  Becoming aware of the belief systems our society has placed upon us is the first step.  Choose abundance in your present and practice choosing abundance for your future.  The societal pressures of "not enough" are untrue.  When you take a moment to yourself, unplug and tune in,  (maybe a walk through the park without your cell phone), it's only then that you begin to realize how abundant your life already is.  Stay connected to this thought as abundance is a choice.