5 Foods for Flawless Skin

Photo by La_vanda/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by La_vanda/iStock / Getty Images

If I told you there was a pill we could take that promises a flawless complexion, would you take it?  Of course you would.  Well, I’m sorry to tell you that there’s no pill, but we can greatly improve our skin through the foods we eat.  Jolene Hart, Author of Eat Pretty, filled me in on five foods we should be eating for the sake of beauty.



Start your day with a simple detox drink: warm lemon water. Lemons are full of collagen-building vitamin C (our collagen production slows as we age, so a collagen boost means more youthful-looking skin), plus they clean out the digestive tract and balance aging acidity in the body. 


Half an avocado will instantly supercharge a smoothie, and it makes a beautifying snack spread on gluten-free bread or sprinkled with a little sea salt and spices. Avocado burns quickly and easily for energy, naturally detoxes the body and supports strong, well-hydrated skin cells.  


Change the greens in your kitchen with the seasons and your mood; they might be dandelion greens in the spring, watercress in the summer or kale in the winter. With fresh greens at hand, I can whip up a green drink, throw together a salad, or create an instant dinner by steaming them and tossing with a protein-rich grain like quinoa and fresh sauce. Greens have their own unique benefits, but all tend to be high in vitamin A, a beauty nutrient known to smooth skin, renew and repair skin damage and fight acne by regulating sebum production.  


Spices are beauty powerhouses and when paired with high glycemic foods like sweets, it reduces the aging, blemish-causing blood sugar spike that we experience. It’s a favorite beauty secret to fight wrinkles, breakouts and signs of aging.  

Ginger Root

In the winter, fresh ginger is a cold-fighter; in the summer, ginger makes a cooling addition to spicy food. Ginger supports healthy digestion and reduces inflammation— two powerful essentials for a calm, even, radiant complexion.

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