Celebrity Manicurist & Entrepreneur, Nonie Creme

On her new adventure and must-have beauty buys

Manicurist, Nonie Creme touched just about every celebs hands from Kate Moss to Rihanna, but these days she’s focused solely on her new company, Nonie Creme Colour Prevails, a luxurious cosmetic line inspired by her artistic approach to beauty and countless hours spent backstage at NY fashion week.  Like us, she has a proud philosophy on beauty and is passionate about her products.  Creme shares…

What’s your beauty philosophy?

Beauty has little to do with how you look, and everything to do with how you feel about yourself. Spend time thinking about who you are, and how you’d like the world to see you, and don’t be afraid to experiment with that. When you feel beautiful, and you are living life in your own skin, that’s true beauty – and trust me – other see it!

What inspires you?

I’m a visual person, and I crave visual experiences. I love all kinds of art, architecture, and fashion. I am an avid people watcher. I am utterly fascinated by how people dress, how they style themselves, and how they behave. Everything I see gets funneled into my work, and helps me know what to create next.  I think there are no mistakes, only experiments.

What are the top five beauty must-haves and why?

Well, I’d have to start with my favorite red nail lacquer, Troublemaker, by Colour Prevails. I feel naked without it, and wear that shade 90% of the time. I invented a special handle for this product called the Precision Painter, that ensures a perfect grip and guarantees a better painting result. It’s pretty awesome!

Next is Tatcha skincare. It is a Japanese skincare range that has really changed my skin for the better. It’s expensive, but hey, it’s my face.

I have silver hair, and although I love it, it can get yellow and brassy if I use the wrong products. I am obsessed with Pyhto Phytargent shampoo. It keeps my hair bright and silver, and is also great for blondes or anyone with bleached hair. 

My hair is a train wreck most of the time. It’s like a cotton candy mohawk. I always have a pocket full of Scunci Jelly hairbands. I can throw one on and create a little bun or ponytail in 2 seconds, and they don’t break and pull my fragile hair. 

Colour Prevails Blank Canvas foundation is my savior. The formulation is just amazing, and gives me perfect coverage over my sunblock. It comes in a really wide variety of colours, and is inexpensive, so you can even buy a few and create your own shades. 

Have you discovered any new products lately that you find impressive? 

Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil is just a wonderful product. I massage this over my face and neck when I’m feeling lie my skin is dull or dehydrated. It works instantly and is like a facial in a bottle! 

If you were to set a daily intention each morning what would it be?

My daily intention is to be joyful and grateful in whatever I'm doing, whether it's the school-run or product development. We all spend so much of our time feeling anxious, stressed, and generally like our lives aren't where we want them to be. When I feel myself veering into that, I pause, literally, I stop whatever I am doing and regroup. I want to feel satisfied and calm, and that's not always easy, but we have SO much to be grateful for, and life is short for anything less. 

What are you most grateful for?

Paloma, my daughter. I was so busy during my Butter London years that having a child had just fallen off my radar. When I started barfing in the middle of London Fashion Week the penny dropped. I had managed to get pregnant without knowing or trying. It was literally like winning the lottery!!!

Beauty is…

Knowing yourself and truly being that person, without apology or fear.  

Spill your best beauty advice.

I am evangelical about sunscreen. If you are starting with damaged skin, you are fighting an uphill battle. I want every person out there, ESPECIALLY our children, to wear sunscreen every single day. I don’t even leave my bathroom in the morning without sunblock on.