Be the Light

how we can help in times of hate and war


In a time where the world seems to be spiraling out of control, so much hate and violence, negativity in the news, we need to remember that it's our responsibility to be the light.  Be the light...  

We were placed on Earth to serve – to lead loving, compassionate lives – and that somehow has gotten lost for many.  You can not fight hate with hate, and that's something that is easily forgotten when we're upset and outraged over events that simply don't make sense.  We'll never understand them and nothing will make them OK, but in order to save ourselves, we must move forward with love.  

What we need to realize is that our presence alone is enough.

Call me what you want, but I believe and I have hope.  Hope for a better, more peaceful world to thrive in and raise children.  It sickens me to think that the new 'normal' involves active shooter drills at corporations and schools and that bullet proof blankets are being made for children.  Remember the days of stop, drop and roll?  Saying the Pledge of Allegiance?  The landscape has changed and it's sickening and frightening.  What's next?

For those of us who are still able to see the light even though our surroundings are so dark, we need to help provide it for those who can't and for those who are struggling.  None of us are secure, but we can try to collectively vibrate at a higher frequency in hopes to make changes.

Think about how you can simply make somebody's day better.  I'm not saying you need to go to any extremes.  (I mean, if I could, I'd adopt all the cats in the world, take in the homeless and save animals from being slautered for food.)  What we need to realize is that our presence alone is enough.  Be mindful about how you carry yourself in the world.  Smile as you walk around, say hello in an elevator or be a listening ear for the lonely.  It's that simple.  Be the light and hope for a kinder, more peaceful world will live on.