Beauty Challenges to Take on This Year

If you're anything like us, resolutions were so last year.  This year, it's all about intentions and challenges.  Check out our top six beauty challenges to try to accomplish this year.


Grow In Your Eyebrows

Want 2016 to be your year? Then face it with thick, natural eyebrows. It’s amazing what a set of fierce brows can do for your face and self-confidence. So be bold! As a Sephora Beauty Insider told us at a brow-shaping class last year, “Eyebrows are the curtains to the windows of the soul.” 2015 was the year of the brow, and all signs show that the trend is here to stay in 2016. There’s no easier way to enhance your brows than with RevitaBrow’s Conditioner. This product may seem like a splurge at first glance, but one applicator will last up to 4 months, and is packed with scientifically advanced peptides designed to give your brows a luxurious, dramatic finish. Bummed over all the irresponsible tweezing you did in your wild youth? Despair no more, because with nightly application (and we do mean every night), you’ll see noticeable, Cara Delevinge (or Brooke Shields, or whoever floats your boat)-esque results. 

Clean Up Your Skincare

According to the Wall Street Journal, 2016 will be a big year for technological advancements. Facebook will debut an artificially intelligent messaging app, and if you’re feeling lonely, pretty soon you’ll be able to buy a drone designed to follow you around. So welcome to the future—it’s time to turn your makeup collection into a greener one. We know you all love slathering chemicals on your face, but going organic marks both an ethical and personal commitment to safety. Not only are these products safe for the environment and other animals, they’re also much gentler for your own body. Looking out for #1 has never been easier.

From non-toxic nail polish, to lipstick safe enough to eat, here are our tried-and-true favorite organic beauty brands. 


Get Risky with Color

Like anything in life, sometimes we get stuck in makeup ruts. We all have our favorite brands and styles, and there’s nothing wrong with having a signature look and sticking to it. But what better way to liven up winter monotony than by switching up your makeup? Did a distant relative gift you a more pigmented lipstick, when everyone else knows you’ve been a gloss girl since ’94? Stop searching for the gift receipt and try a new look out. We love trying a new makeup risk each month. Resolve to stay in with beauty news so you’ll always be in the know of the newest trends and products to try. 


Take it Off, Seriously

We know, we know—you’re tired of hearing about how you’re not doing enough with your nightly routine. But since the importance of thoroughly cleaning your face every night cannot be stressed enough, we’ve found two great solutions for all you lazy (or tired!) girls out there, who want to make their pre-bed rituals as quick as possible. Klorane Floral Water Make-up Remover features Cornflower, an ancient plant that’s long boasted soothing properties. It’s also grown only in France, perhaps the effortless skincare capital of the world. Need we say more?   This 2-in-1 cleanser/toner works gently on both face and eye makeup, plus it’s safe for all you contact wearers. It’s fragrance, alcohol, and colorant-free, so no matter how sensitive your skin may be, it’ll love this product. We also loved Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water back when we discovered it in August.

For more on how to wash your face like a French Girl, click here.

Clean Your Brushes

Just as you should take care to thoroughly clean your face, you shouldn't forget about your makeup brushes! While you can always opt for professional brush cleaner (Cinema Secrets makes a nice one for $8), if you don’t feel like leaving your house to buy that, you can always use baby shampoo. Pour some baby shampoo in warm water, and leave your brushes to soak in the mixture for 10-15 minutes. Rinse the brush with cold water, and lay your brush out to dry. You might find this simple, monthly chore will leave your skin feeling cleaner and healthier, as unclean brushes can harbor harmful bacteria.


Treat Your Hair Weekly

It’s true, you can fit a weekly hair treatment into your busy schedule (and tight budget!). Turn your own bathroom into a salon with It’s a 10 Miracle Mask. It’s the easiest at-home treatment we’ve found, and it especially works to deliver soft, smooth results to color-treated, heat-styled, or processed hair. To use, comb a palm-sized amount of the treatment through your hair. Then wrap your head with a damp, warm towel, and sit somewhere heated for 3-5 minutes before rinsing. You’ll see results after even just one use! Happy New Year, indeed.