How to Live Beyond Constraints

7 Steps to Freedom


"Nothing in the past defines your future," explains Cynthia James, MA, during a lecture I listened to.  She had us ask ourselves, What are you doing in the moment to stand true to who you are?, which I found to be a fascinating question.  Here are seven steps to help heal and move beyond constraints so you can put your best self forward and create a future worth being excited about.  Now, that's freedom.


Release Your Story

Thoughts like: I’m not enough or I’m a victim can take over your life.  How long have you been telling yourself the same story and how bored are you with that story?  How willing are you to let go of that story and open up to infinite possibilities? When your past begins to define you and make you think that you’re less than you are, it hinders you in creating a future beyond your wildest dreams.  You're called to be present and if you can’t do that, you can't be open to the possibilities.  

Find Your Voice

Be authentic! Standing in a way you can express and radiate who you came here to be.  Without your voice you disengage from expression.  Your mental health depends on how you think.  Your body has a language. Once you understand it and know what it’s saying, you can move beyond it.  

Surrender Your Secrets

Secrets bring up guilt, which stops us from being who we are.  They block you from authentic communication and ultimately, trust.  If you believe that the universe is made up of energy, then look at secrets are energy, too.  And when you're carrying that kind of energy you feel anxious, down or negative.  

Move into a State of Forgiveness

Forgiving allows you to let go of judgements and come into peace with yourself and sometimes with someone or something else, too.

Reclaim Yourself

Who are you and who have you come here to be?  Let go of a concept that anyone or anything can take away your power.  No-one and nothing can take away the power of who you became to be.  Ask yourself, How often do you give your power away?  How often are you saying yes when you mean no?  

Practice Radical Self Care

There’s a difference between being caring and being a care taker.  We’re all taught to be care takers, but by standing in your power, you model authenticity and creativity.  If you don’t care for yourself first, you become depleted.  Understand that by you being the best you can be, eat, exercise, rest, makes you more energized and able to do what you came here to do.  

Expand your Consciousness

Understand that freedom is your choice!