Conquering Migraines Holistically


Since writing about my migraines and how they've affected my life, many of you have been asking how I'm preventing them from coming back.  Truth is, I still get them, just not as much.  I wish I could pin-point one thing and had an easy answer, but I believe it's my lifestyle that's keeping them at bay – a combination of things I learned through trial and error.  Here's what helps me.  Maybe some of them will work for you, too.

Practicing Yoga

Since my migraines are stress induced I began taking yoga classes regularly about a year ago.  Now, the mind, body, breath connection I found within the practice has me addicted.  It's my high and allows me to see a new perspecitve – the truth behind our lives on this planet and I don't get crazy over work anymore.

Getting Acupuncture

I now look at acupuncture as the answer for everything from acne to migraines.  I've been frequeting Dr. Loh, an acupuncturist in Hoboken who promises that he can cure my migraines by balancing my horomones.  Even though they're hereditary and stress induced, he explained that migraines are always a result of a horomonal imbalance – one that he thinks he can fix in about three months if I go once a week.  For good.  

Giving Up Gluten

When I visited Canyon Ranch over the summer, I met with a nutritionist, Pat A. Murphy, who explained that I may have an intolerance to gluten since it's been linked to migraines and headaches.  I did an elimination diet for two months to see if it affected my headaches and not only have my migraines been kept at bay, but I also feel sharper in my thinking.  It's as if I was a little foggy before and now I'm on.  Truth is like dairy, we don't digest gluten, so what's the point of eating it?

Giving Up Caffeine

That's right.  I used to drink about three cups of coffee per day and now, just an occasional cup of decaf.  And by occasional I mean maybe twice per month.  Chocolate however, that's a different story.  Dark chocolate is my weakness and I'll still eat it in small amounts even though there's caffeine in it.  My neurologist explained to me that while caffeine could help diminish a headaches when they're present (think Excedrine Migraine), it can also induce them.  Everyone's different so it's a double-edged sword so I'm careful.

Taking Supplements

MigraThera by Prothera was recommended to me by Murphy as well. The active ingredient is Feverfew, which has long been known to aid in preventing migraines so I take two per day along with my other supplements.


Back in January I went to school to learn transendental meditation (TM).  After speaking with Gabby Bernstein at one of her events, she couldn't stress enough that by practicing TM twice per day, migraines will be better or even cured.