7 Rules to Eat By


They say, if you want to find out what you believe about joy you need to look no further than the food on your plate.  It's true.  The type of food you eat, how you eat it and how much of it you comsume says a lot about YOUR OVERALL STATE OF WELLBEING.  Think about it – a binge eater who overloads on carbs has a lot more going on than just overloading on carbs.  WHEREAS ENJOYING A PLATE OF WELL BALANCED, WHOLE FOODS SHOWS A DIFFERENT PERSPECITVE. Here are 7 rules to eat by for optimal health.


eat when you’re hungry

eat sitting down at a table

eat without distractions (iPhone)

eat only what your body wants, not what you think you need (sugar)

eat until you are satisfied, not overly full

eat in full view of others, there shouldn't be anything to be ashamed of

eat mindfully with enjoyment