Tried It: SkinCeuticals Peel

Because, hyperpigmentation.

You guys know by now that I'll try anything to get rid of my hyperpigmentation.  Yes, I know, it's my fault for spending countless hours in the sun when I was younger, but I really hate it and will do anything to get rid of it.  Recently, I tried the new Skinceuticals Advanced Corrective Peel, which targets hyperpigmentation, even below the skin's surface and now, I'm hooked.  

Before trying the peel, an esthetician took a picture of my skin (as I see it) and then another that showed the layers of hyperpigmentation below the surface to showcase the true damage.  I've seen this before so it came as no surprise, but to many this type of image may be shocking.  This particular peel brings that pigmentation up to the surface and sloughs it away so it doesn't even have a chance. 


After two passes of the formula over my face, I was sent on my way with a bag of recovery products that included the brand's SPF, Epidermal Repair (love) and Phloretin CF serum that helps to rid discoloration.  During the first two days, I saw the discoloration come to the surface mainly on my nose and cheeks.  Then, at day four, I started to slightly peel, but just around my nose and mouth.  After a full week, the flaking stopped.

It's going to take a series of these peels to really have my complexion under control (I'm super Type A about my skin), but after just one, I believe in them and will continue.  SkinCeuticals actually recommends a series of treatments every four to six weeks for optimal results catered to your needs.

Interested in trying the peel for yourself?