A Clothing Line You Will Love: Yumi Kim

Back in February when I began my partnership as a Young & Posh blogger for Glamour.com a PR company introduced me to the clothing line, Yumi Kim. I've never heard of them before, but absolutely loved everything!  I actually felt like the brand was designed with my lifestyle, personality and figure in mind.  Wishful thinking, but I'm obsessed.  The dress in the photo to the left is by them and recently I visited a new boutique with my friend in Gramercy Park that carried a ton from the line.  I've never seen it advertised or in major department stores, so I had to tell you about it.

Recently, I purchased a silk blazer in navy and my friend bought it in every bright color possible.  Tons of celebs are fans.  Take a look at the site and I'm sure if you're a BeautySweetSpot reader, you'll be a fan too!  Warning: it's not cheap so shop at your own discretion!