You're How Old?

Out at a bar the other night I over heard a group of guys commenting on how "hot" their cocktail waitress was, but found myself stunned when I heard one of them say, "Yea, but did you look at her neck? She's old."  And he continued to fill his friends in on his secret, which was to look at a woman's neck and not just her face to identify her true age.  Let's just say I was thoroughly impressed.

It's true.  Most women pay so much attention to their faces that they tend to neglect other areas of their body that show their age or make them appear even older.  Trust me ladies, three areas not to be ignored are your neck, chest and hands.  Here are some suggestions on how to keep them looking young:


Signs of aging tend to appear quickly on the neck because the skin is very thin with little sebaceous oil glands and natural moisture.  Look at your neck like an extension of your face and bring your moisturizers down into it.  You can also try 3Lab Perfect Neck Cream, which is a super hydrating, firming cream that helps fight the signs of aging. 


Like your neck, the skin on your chest is super thin and very susceptible to sun damage.  PCA makes professional products that you can use at home that work wonders on hyperpigmentation.  Their Phaze 13 Pigmentation Gel contains hydroquinone, which lightens sun spots over time.  I used it twice a day on my face and chest. To aid in firmness, try Sampar Lift Me Up Bust Cream.  It contains wheat proteins, horse chestnut extracts and vitamins that'll restore the fine lines.  Take this one down from your upper chest into your bust for an added lift where it counts!  


The skin on the back of your hands is so delicate because there's no fat underneath it, which is the reason why you can see your veins right through them.  Since on average, Americans wash their hands about 8 times per day, you can start protecting them with your hand wash.  I like Nature's Gate Pomegranate Sunflower Velvet Moisture Liquid Soap because it's super moisturizing and has antioxidants in it to aid in anti-aging protection. You should also use a moisturizer with antioxidants and skin brightening ingredients in it.  A great one, Hands Perfection Complete Day Cream.  Once a week, give them a little facial and treat them to a mask like Zia Natural Skincare Oceanic Clay Rejuvenating Mask.