You Don't Have to Go Hard to Get Fit this Year

Being that it's the new year I wasn't surprised to see some out of shape newbies in my cardio sculpting gym class this morning.  To be honest, I hate going to the gym the first three months of the year because losing weight and getting in shape seems to be every one's resolution!  Honestly, wake up people!  You don't need to wait until Jan. 1 to try to get in shape. Anyway, I love going to the gym and try to hit it about five days per week, but I have to say, I can still work on toning the lower half (if you know what I mean).  Here's a little gym tip for all – newbies and gym rats – that I learned from an old trainer. Pushing yourself hard everyday may feel good and you may think you’re on a roll – but slow down! – believe it or not, there is such thing as too much exercise.

If you workout too much your body won’t react as well to workouts after a while…which leads to the dreaded fitness plateau…where your muscles won’t respond to how hard you’re working as efficiently.  To avoid hitting a plateau, make sure you fill your schedule with some light workout days. It’s even important to take a day off here and there.

Over-training can not only hinder you from reaching your fitness goals, but it can also get in the way of helping you recover after a work out – leading to injuries including muscle strains, shin splints and tendinitis.

Good luck this year in the gym and good for you if you are one of those 'resolution' people crowding my gym class!  At least you're doing it!