Product Review: Yes To Blueberries

When this company first came out I thought it was a little quirky... Yes To Carrots.  But after learning that the line was all natural and focused on carrots main ingredient beta-carotene and other "orange" good-for-your skin ingredients I understood.  After trying the products, I understood the craze. Each year it seemed the brand rolled out with different Yes To lines... and yes, they are exactly what you're thinking.  You could create a garden out of them – Yes To Cucumbers (soothing) and Yes To Tomatoes (clearing).  Out of the three lines I'm a huge fan of everything Yes To Carrots, especially the Hand and Elbow Cream and out of the Yes To Cucumbers line I covet the Soothing Eye Gel.  I haven't used Yes To Tomatoes simply because my skin didn't need the that type of attention (nothing against tomatoes!).

I'm pleased to announce that they recently launched Yes To Blueberries, an anti-aging line, that I can't wait to start trying.  Formulated with of course, blueberries, cotton thistle and paracress flower it's said to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin firmness.  These products will be my new test subject for the next two months.  If you're not familiar with the Yes To collections I highly suggest you check it out.