Win A ReFlex Safety MP3 Holder Band so Your Boobs Don't Break Your iPod

I have a confession: sometimes when I'm at the gym I place my iPod in between my cleavage so I can lift free weights. I have to admit, it worked well and "the girls" kept it in place , until one day when the screen went white.  At first, I didn't relate the problem to my cleavage.  Why would I?  But it turns out, my boobs broke my iPod! Allow me to explain – My iPod still plays music, but I can't see anything on the screen at all, which is beyond frustrating.  When I brought it to the MAC store for an explanation I was told that it got wet.  Which can only mean one thing – it broke due to the sweat that drips down my cleavage in my sports bra day after day.  It's official, my boobs broke my iPod.

Lesson learned, get an arm band!  But don't think I haven't tried them before.  Some brands, like the Nike ones are too big for my arm and slide down to my wrist.  I found a good one – ReFlex Safety MP3 Holder Band, $9.95 that fits and the pink one donates to breast cancer awareness.  It's made with reflective materials so you can run outside at night with and be safe.  ReFlex origionaly made reflective gear for the military so they're all about safety.

Want one?  I'm giving one away!  Follow @beautysweetspot and @reflexsafety and "like" Reflex Safety on Facebook and I'll randomly pick a winner at the end of the day on Twitter.  Good luck!