Wendy Williams' Makeup Artist Talks Behind the Scenes with Wendy

Since 2008, when The Wendy Williams Show first began, Merrel Hollis has been by Wendy's side creating what he calls her "signature look" every morning at 7am.  I had the pleasure of meeting him backstage when going on the show to discuss celebrity beauty trends and thought you would love to hear what really goes on behind the scenes at the Wendy Show.  Read on to hear what a typical morning is like for Merrel. What’s the most daring look she would ever let you create?

The most daring look that I’ve created with Wendy so far was when I transformed her into Lucille Ball’s character “Lucy Ricardo” and the legendary Dolly Parton.

Describe a typical morning behind the scenes on the Wendy show?

My average day at The Wendy Williams Show studio starts with Wendy sitting in the makeup chair at 7am. After seeing what wardrobe has planned for her, I start with the day’s look before we are bum rushed by 5 producers who all manage to squeeze into my tiny makeup room to prep her for the day. They flood her with the latest Hot Topics and I stay busy trying to keep her attention because I have to have her in and out of the chair in thirty minutes so she can go to the floor to rehearse. When she comes back from the set, I finish her makeup look and then, the door opens to the Queen of All Media.

Unlike her wigs Wendy’s makeup stays consistent, what’s one look your dying to do?

Well, I wouldn’t call her makeup look “consistent” - I would say it has my signature to it - (LOL) but I am dying to do a dark lip on her. She wont let me do it...