Wear Your Workout

With Memorial Day weekend just three months away, I like many am in bikini mode.  Intense ab workouts, sculpting classes and cardio sessions galore, the time is now.  The problem however, is just that, time.  It's not always easy to hit the gym and with little time until summer every second counts.  I found a solution... ShaToBu. A new line of shape wear that allows you to shape, tone and burn calories  (that's where ShaToBu came from) just by wearing it. Created by chiropractor, Dr. Denise Perron, the seamless tights are lined with resistance bands in the areas we love most... the butt and thighs.  Studies prove people who wear ShaToBu burn up to 12% more calories per day just by going about their normal activity.

This all sounded too good to be true so I tried it out for myself.  I wore them all day and it was just a little bit harder to take a step or go from sitting down to standing up.  I'm one of those people who keeps my abs engaged standing on the subway, so I'll take it!  Like I said, time is precious and every minute counts.

ShaToBu is available in buff and jet black for $50 and $60.