Runway Review: Wayne

Tonight I ventured over to Milk Made Studios to catch the Wayne show at 7pm.  Typically, shows start late, but this one didn't start until about  7:45 and after a long day running around between shows in 80 degree weather, I was a bit cranky.  That is until I saw the first look – of course. A silk white tuxedo dress effortlessly glided down the runway, (which the designer, Wayne Lee, told me was her favorite look of the show), and all of a sudden I was in a complete trance.  This season, Lee collaborated with Benjamin Degen, a painter she always admired to created a blue and white rope print seen on various cotton and silk dresses and tops.  Black, leather bomber jackets complimented girly flowy skirts and the color palette used was black, white, sand, bone and sky blue.

My favorite part was that the hair was roughly texturized and mattified into a series of braids that created an updo that created a nice contrast against the beautiful silks and gentle cottons.

After the show I was able to speak with Lee, who is about to have a baby!  When asked what was next for her she commented, "Learning how to integrate my personal life into my work life and constantly evolving and expanding my collection."  A children's collection in the future?  Probable.

*This post is sponsored by American Express, but my thoughts and actions are all honest.