I Was Quoted in the WSJ, Kind Of...

Last week I was quoted in the Wall Street Journals blog in an article called "How to Crash New York Fashion Week."  Obviously when you're interviewed and quoted, the whole story never survives the article... The part about my experience:

A few seasons ago, beauty blogger Jeannine Morris used her backstage access to slip into a Zac Posen show and ended up in a seat next to Sean "P. Diddy" Combs.  "I snuck in from backstage," said Morris, "and found myself a seat in the second row directly across from him, by the runway entrance."

Yes, the article says I'm a blogger, which I am now, but it fails to mention that at the time I was writing for Cosmopolitan.  Another thing it fails to mention is that after the show I was invited backstage to celebrate the show with (yes, Diddy) and Zac Posen.

At 22, as a journalist covering backstage for one of the season's hottest shows, it was all a dream come true!  Who wouldn't?  Currently, in my role as a blogger, freelance writer and Spokesperson, I thankfully don't have to "sneak" into fashion shows anymore.  Haha.  At Cosmo, we only RSVPed to backstage to cover beauty, now, I receive invites to do both backstage and the shows and obviously RSVP yes!

Trust me, if you want to crash NYFW, I can probably give you a few tips –  just check out how these girls did it!  But I will say that now that NYFW has moved from Bryant Park to Lincoln Center security is a lot stricter.

Oh yea, and the photo above, that's me and P.Diddy at Zac Posen's after party.  I can tell you a story about that... another time.