Vogue 'CoverGirl' Taylor Swift Wears Revlon, The Truth Behind Magazine Cover Credits

Last week while at the Revlon event I recently blogged about, I had my makeup done by Gucci Westman, the same makeup artists who did Taylor Swift's makeup for her February Vogue cover shoot.  (I know, I was honored!)  Of course, finding this out I had to ask her details about the shoot and products that were used and as I was getting the 411 I realized, I felt conflicted reporting them as it was more than the makeup that bothered me.  However, as a blogger here I go... It's a dirty industry and here's the scoop.  Westman filled me in on how she took Taylor Swift's look from the innocent girl we know her as and transformed her into a more mature woman for Vogue.  Her trick: contouring.  Normally we see Swift with a pale complexion and a pop of color on the apples of her cheeks, which screams girly.  Using Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow in Not Just Nudes, she contoured Swift's cheeks making her Vogue appropriate.

Now, if you look inside Vogue and go to page 64 where you see "Cover Look Taylor Made" you'll notice that all CoverGirl makeup was credited for creating her look.  No mention of Revlon at all.  Of course, with Swift having a contract with CoverGirl, this has to be.  However, when I used to work at Cosmopolitan, the cover credits never matched up, contract or not.  Here's what we'd do...

We'd get a proof of the cover shot from the art department and look and see which magazine advertiser could use a boost in credits that month.  Then, from that advertising cosmetic's latest collection, we'd match up the look the best we could.  Of course, the art department would work with us to enhance a lip or touch up a shadow if needed.

Of course, Swift's whole package makes her a perfect Spokeswoman for CoverGirl, but on shoots and tours, you'd be super naive to think that that's all she wears.  This is just one case in point and an explanation of cover credits.  As a journalist and blogger who's free of being owned by advertisers, it's nice to be able to report the truth.  Cover credits are never the truth.