Vivienne Tam Creates A Japanese Garden with Retro Twist

Clean, natural hair and make up complemented the Japanese garden inspiration backstage at Vivienne Tam.  Lead Maybelline Makeup Artist, Andy Koh, incorporated a modern twist to 70's retro style by using metallic tones.  Koh shared how foundation was key for a fresh face using two different shades - a lighter shade for the t-zone and darker shade around the face for a structured look.  For the eyes instead of using a harsh line with an eyeliner like you would see on Twiggy in the 70's, Koh used a copper tone for that line on top of the gold base.  Another modern twist was to have natural looking lashes, although he used Maybelline's Falsies mascara, which builds thick lashes, he wiped the brush to remove the excess mascara and lightly applied to the eyelashes for a more natural effect.

Simple, organic and undone were the words used to describe the hair by Lead Stylist, Leon Gorman for Redken.  A deep side part and low ponytail twisted into a quick messy bun, held up by a combination of bobby and french pins, topped off by a light spritz of Redken Fashion Work 12 was all it took.  Gorman also shared for those with greasy hair to use dry shampoo to build that texture.

For a quick manicure, Incoco provided grey nail strips that were applied to the nails with no drying time needed.  It probably took as long as reading this sentence to apply them to the nails.

Calling out teens from the 90's - remember 7th Heaven?  Well, talk about an awesome flashback Beverly Mitchell, currently starring on The Secret Life of  the American Teenager, dropped by backstage and I had to ask her what was the essential beauty item in her kit.  Her answer: blotting papers!  A total lifesaver.  Trust, I had to use a couple today with this humidity.