VIP Pass to the Industry: Lippe Taylor

I'm so excited to introduce you to Lauren Marfoe of Lippe Taylor!  She's one of my best friends (in life, not just at work) and is extremely talented.  She's been working in beauty PR since she graduated college and transitioned into social media.  Currently, she's a Senior Account Executive on the Digital Team who's obsessed with Justin Bieber and stays grounded by noting, "It's PR not the ER!"  Meet Lauren: What college did you go to and what did you major in?

I attended Florida State University and majored in Fashion Merchandising (and will take any opportunity I can to remind people that when I don’t know something it’s because I went to Fashion School.)  :) This is applicable in both work and in real life.

How did you land your first job in PR?

Florida State University has an amazing internship program and for the last half of your last semester you are required to successfully hold a 3 month internship at a location and with an employer of your choice. A close friend of mine helped me get into the industry and I landed my internship at Alison Brod Public Relations. There I was able to learn the in’s and out’s of the Fashion, Beauty, Consumer and Lifestyle PR world and quickly discovered my love for all things beauty – from there, ABPR hooked me up with a former employee of theirs who was working at Lippe Taylor at the time and I’ve been here ever since.

What’s a typical day like for you?

A typical day for me is anything but typical – I can be seen doing anything from creating a social media strategy for a brand to brainstorming new ideas for Facebook applications. I love all the beauty bloggers so I’m constantly emailing with the girls, talking about the newest product launches or the latest news and gossip in our lives. I also help out with bringing new ideas to the table for new business pitches and work closely with all the teams on coordinating and executing our events. But ask me this tomorrow and I’m sure I’ll be giving you a totally different answer.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is the environment I work in – I love coming to a place where everyone is here for the same reason, because we’re passionate about what we do. It’s great to have people around you who you vibe well with and who know how to do their job well without taking themselves too seriously – its PR not the ER, people!

What’s the best advice you would give someone trying to get into the industry today?

The best advice I could give to someone is that being a reliable, solid, hard working intern will pay off more than you think – there’s nothing like having a great intern who is excited to be there and who is willing to learn. You’ve already got your foot in the door so make sure your next step is remarkable!

Confess! What’s your biggest beauty sin?

My biggest, nitty, gritty beauty sin is that…I find my face and my skin look their best when I don’t wash my face before bed. It’s terrible – I’ve committed the carnal sin of the beauty world, but it’s true!

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?

My guiltiest pleasure….the new Justin Bieber nail polish from Nicole by O.P.I. I’m obsessed with the My Lifesaver color. Goodbye, street cred.