VIP Pass Inside the Industry: 5WPR

Today's sneak peak inside the industry feature's one of my favorite beauty publicists, Jessica Goon, the Associate Vice President at 5WPR.  She stared her career as a reporter for a daily newspaper, but has been "on the other side" for the past 6 years.  Working with brands like Ted Gibson (Anne Hathaway's stylist), Decleor and Halo/Air Salt Spas, she never has a dull day.  I first met Jess when I went freelance and she has been such an inspiration to me... now, allow her to inspire you! 1. How'd you break into the industry? I was an English major with a focus on journalism in college and broke into the industry by working several internships in both PR and news. As a college senior when everyone else was checked out, I would go to classes in the morning, spend afternoons at lacrosse practice and then spend nights alternating between my college newspaper offices and my internship at the local daily newspaper. It was hard work, but prepared me for working in PR where you're always multi-tasking, running from one place to another and writing on deadline.

2. What's your favorite part of being in PR? When all of the hard work comes together. In PR we spend months working on TV segments, magazine spreads and events for our clients and it can be stressful and sometimes discouraging. However, once you're actually there in the TV studio for a taping or backstage at fashion week it all feels worth it.

3. What’s the worst? Finding the time to get a pedicure.

4. If you could give advice to people trying to get into the industry today what would it be? Scoring internships and working hard are a...given to break into any industry.  Whenever I meet people looking to get into PR I tell them to read. Reading the news makes you a better writer, it keeps you informed about the industry and it familiarizes you with key reporters and what they cover.

4. Confess: What's your biggest beauty sin? Ted Gibson would probably tell me it's wearing my hair in a ponytail too often, but my real beauty sin is going to sleep with my make up on. I know! I know! But sometimes after a long day, I'm just too tired.

5. What's your guiltiest pleasure? Bad television. If it's on Bravo, MTV, E! or The CW, I've seen it. I like to think it keeps me updated on pop culture and trends, but it's really just good "bad" TV.