Welcoming A New Decade with A Sassoon Bob, Plus Tips on Chopping it Off

Happy 30th Birthday to me.  Happy?  I think.  30.  Yes, I'm somewhat freaking out leaving my 20's behind, the best years of my life (so far anyway).  Yesterday I made the rash decision to chop 10 inches off of my hair.  10 inches!  Yes, the girl who always envied those with natural long waves and often took to extensions to achieve them now has a bob!  Hello 30! This isn't just any bob though, it's a Sassoon Bob!  Embracing 30 (kind of), here's what went down... One of the most valuable lessons I've learned over the past 30 years is to love yourself.  Seriously, in so many ways.  If you don't love who you are others aren't going to be able to love you back.  Now, take that into beauty.  Love (or at least accept) what you were born with and work with what your mama gave ya!  In my case, fine hair.  I can add all the extensions I want and it'll look gorgeous, but when I try to grow it out on my own, it has no style.  I actually skeeve it.  Therefore, the perfect style to make it look fuller: a bob.

About a month ago I filmed a video series with Sassoon Salon's Creative Director & Sassoon Expert, Michael Forrey where he created a faux bob with my long-ish hair and I felt beyond sassy!  Soon, I'll be able to show you the series, but on Wednesday I couldn't stop thinking about how I was almost 30 and felt the need to do something drastic.  The bob!  I ran to Michael before I could change my mind.

Deathly afraid of my face looking rounder, I sat in his chair at Sassoon Salon with my heart was pounding, body was overheating and I thought I was going to have a panic attack. Michael's the only person I would trust to make this move, so I kept telling myself I was in good hands.  Snip.  It was gone.  Before I knew it a pile of of my hair was on the floor, 10 inches cut off the length.  Again, I skeeved it.

An hour or so later, I ended up with the most precise bob with graduation - not a graduated bob.  Yes, there's a difference.  "The slight graduation in the back adds volume to the top and allows for movement and versatility, but the emphasis is on the longer front pieces to add length to your face," Michael explained.  "If it were a graduated bob it would have been more triangular."

Inspired?  Chop it off!  It's liberating!  I'm kind of obsessed with my new Sassoon Bob! There are three key things to take into consideration: your hair texture, face shape and body shape (since people hide behind their hair, they may not be comfortable going too short). I'm beyond thankful that Michael customized my bob the Sassoon way so I feel confident rocking it.  Make sure you talk to your stylist about the three elements I listed above before you face the scissors.  So, what do you think of my new look?