Victoria's Secret Angels Reveal Fitness Secrets

This year I went backstage for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show with one goal in mind.  Since the look never changes, a golden glow complimented by a plush, kissable pout and supermodel waves, I needed to find out how more about the models fitness routines.  Mission accomplished.  Here, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Toni Garrn and more spill the secrets to sculpting. I asked each one what their favorite asset was to show off on the runway and how they sculpt it to perfection.  Here were their responses.

Alessandra Ambrosio – My favorite asset to show off on the runway is my legs. I do squats, Pilates, TRX, barre movements and they all work my bum and the legs. I think lunges are really good and easy to do though.  I also love green juice and have it once a day.  It gives me energy.  I'm from Brazil so I like to have fresh juice and they make me feel lighter and really good.

Toni Garrn - My butt, for sure.  Everything else is covered this year with wings and corsets and I've been working on my butt for a while.  I do this exercise called down dog and then kick my legs up in pulses.  (She's telling me this as she, in her tiny, silk VS robe, pretends to get down on all fours and kick out her right leg behind her and pulse.) and do about 200 pulses on each side.  Left and right and up and down about 200 times on each side every day. 

Magdalena Frackowiak – My favorite exercise is the sex!  No, for real, squats.  I like to show off my abs, my boobs, my butt, my legs!

Adriana Lima – My eyes.  I think the eyes show a lot of personality.  Eye contact. You can really describe everything about a person through their eyes.

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