Victoria's Secret Model, Lily Aldridge Dishes Her Workout Secret

In the middle of getting her eye makeup done backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Lily Aldridge took a minute out to tell me about her new baby girl, Dixie Pearl, who she had just four months before.  The whole time as she was saying the words "joy" and "wonderful" to describe motherhood, I somehow tuned out everything she had to say about being a mom and couldn't help but stare at her long, lean toned crossed legs as she sat there in her pink robe.  Seriously?  Being one who works my *ss off to stay toned without kids I had to know what she was doing. Her secret?  Ballet Beautiful classes in NYC along with pilates.  I've never tried Ballet Beautiful before, but you bet your *ass I'm going to now.  I thought I did it all, from Physique 57 to Soul Cycle.  Out of all of the crazy workouts NYC has to offer, it's ballet that creates the lean, toned body.

The classes offer targeted exercises to sculpt, stretch and tone the body.  If you're not located in NYC, they also offer online classes and DVDs, so there's no excuse not to get in on the action.  Thanks for the info, Lily.