Vera Wang Preppy Princess Fragrance Giveaway

I have to admit, when I hear the word "preppy" two things come to mind, first my best friend Adrienne who has the chicest Upper East Side style with a downtown attitude and then I think "ew, not me". That's probably why we're still best friends after 20 years, because as different as we are we're very alike.  I'd far from Upper East Side style, but definitely have the downtown girl attitude!  So when I first received the press release for this new fragrance by Vera Wang I thought it would be something Adrienne would buy just for the name.

Vera Wang Preppy Princess, $75 is blended with tangerine, red apple and crushed berries layered with honeysuckle, jasmine, woods and a hint of coconut.  Talk about tantalizing your senses!  Delicious!

So whether you buy it for yourself or your BFF because of the name or the scent that's up to you, but I'm giving away a bottle to one lucky BeautySweetSpot reader!  Follow and RT @beautysweetspot on Twitter about the contest and comment below telling me about your preppiest BFF.

The winner will be announced on Friday, Jan. 21st.  Good luck!