Vaseline® Intensive Care, A Multipurpose Moisturizer

vaselineIf there's one beauty product I could bring with me on a desert island, it's moisturizer. How about you?  If you're in the same boat as me, we better bring a good one!  Did you know that all moisturizers aren't created equal?  That's right, many just sit on top of the skin and act as temporary relief, but you and I both expect more than that.  This winter, make sure you're using a moisturizer that'll get the job done on multiple levels. Enter: Vaseline® Intensive Care TM.

I received this cozy package (pictured) of Vaseline® Intensive Care TM Advanced Repair Fragrance Free, a personalized mug and GODIVA hot chocolate mix from Vaseline last week and have been hooked ever since. Of course like other moisturizers, it immediately relieves dry skin, but the Vaseline® Intensive Care TM range is also clinically proven to heal dry skin in just five days, and lock moisture into your skin.  How?  It addresses the root of the problem  – the skin's protective barrier by using humectants (which draw water to your dry skin) and Vaseline® Jelly to help seal the moisture in.

Even if you're not feeling dry yet, I recommend you start moisturizing from head to toe daily as soon as you step out of the shower to help prevent itchy, dry skin.