Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Your Man

VDayValentine's Day is a weird holiday; not in theme, but in gift giving. You can't give something too extravagant, but a box of chocolates is très dull. It's the perfect holiday for something logical. Here are 5 gift ideas your man is sure to love (and you probably will too)!


Polo Black Cologne by Ralph Lauren, $64.00 at Sephora

Cologne is always a smart buy. Not only is it something your man will love to use, but you'll love when he uses it (you know you want your guy smelling great)! Nothing is more telling about a guy than the scent he wears.  This Ralph Lauren scent is a subtle hint of that manly musk all women love!


"Eglinton" 5-Piece Classic Wet-Shaving Kit, $101. 86 at Fendrihan

Can you think of a man with more class than one who uses an old-fashioned shaving kit? We can't! If your guy is someone who enjoys the finer things in life, we recommend this elegant kit for him (if he's not, just go with socks). This is just a great buy in general and pretty reasonably priced if you ask us! This kit comes in classic black and ivory.


Penguin Canvas and Wool Duffle, $150.00 at Original Penguin

A great duffel is always a good investment, especially if your man likes to workout. This duffel makes for the perfect gym bag, even though he swears he doesn't need one, you know he does. This bag is even large enough for you two to share! Couples who workout together stay together! Speaking of...



Insanity 60-Day Total Body Conditioning Program, $119.85 at Beachbody

You'd have to be insane not to buy this for your man! See what we did there? But really, this is a great nudge toward keeping him healthy.  Plus, you can use it, too!


Monthly Subscriptions to Pretty Much... Anything

Prices vary, but there are monthly subscriptions to some great foods, drinks, and other awesome things! Some of our favorites: Jerky of the Month for $24.95 a month, Dollar Shave Club for $1 a month, Craft Beer Club for $39.00 a month. These are great because they give your guy something to look forward to every month! We just spruced up your relationship, you're welcome.

If all else fails, a couples spa day never hurt nobody.