Valentine's Day Dating Advice for Every Situation

Ladies, Valentine's Day is a week away and throughout my life whether I was single or taken I've always enjoyed it.  Call it a Hallmark holiday if you will, but what's wrong with celebrating a little love?  I chatted with Relationship Expert, Andrea Syrtash on behalf of Schick Quattro for Women, to get date night advice for every situation (yes, even for girls night... it's not always about the guys!).   A First Date

Don't go overboard with a fancy and involved first date. I'm a fan of happy hour because there's a defined beginning and an end to the event (with the potential for more) and the atmosphere is generally fun. A three-course-meal is too much pressure (and too much of a time commitment!) for all. Don't go too casual, though and try something like meeting at generic coffee shop one afternoon. Not sexy.

Date Night with Your Long Term BF... Fiance... Husband (whoever!)

Novelty is key! Couples tend to get into routines and go to the same corner restaurant or movie theater on date night. Experiencing new things together will help re-spark romance.

Date Night with Your Girls

Whatever you do, make sure to focus on them for the night and not on what you're missing. Date night with girlfriends will get harder and harder to schedule as time goes on, so enjoy every minute.