Valentine's Day Beauty Advice from A Girl Who's "Guy Hot" (Most of the Time)

This Valentine's Day I'm not going to give you a round up of all the pretty red and pink cosmetics you 'should' be wearing for the holiday, because truth is, they're not the colors of love.  Instead I'm going to help you land a man or if you have one already, I'm going to help you keep him.  No, I'm not claiming myself an expert in dating, but I will give myself some credit as I know a thing or two about what men want.  So, when it comes to your beauty regimen are you "girl hot" or "guy hot?" Here are my tips on how to be "guy hot." First let's define what "girl hot" and "guy hot" actually are.  I for one, am both (like Emma Stone), but know when to play which card.  It's important to understand your audience when getting ready for any date or occasion.

  • Girl Hot: dressing for the girls including, but not limited to fashion forward trends like color blocking, anything with a spike, lip color, false lashes, 'it' bags, and heels that are meant just for sitting
  • Guy Hot: dressing for the guys including, but not limited to subtle enhancements, stilettos you can walk in, touchable hair, practical bags, the no-makeup-makeup look
Now, here are my rules on how to be "guy hot" for Valentine's Day.


1. Ditch you red lipstick

There's nothing a man hates more than a chick with red lipstick.  Some may think it's because they don't want it all over their faces when you make out, but that's not even it.  They don't even think that far when they see it.  It's because they immediately associate it with their grandma's, aunts, Broadway performers and circus clowns.  Red lipstick is not hot.  While I love to wear red lipstick myself, I save it for girl's night out.  For date night, opt for a moisturizing lip balm under a gloss that brings out the natural color in your lips.  Just dab the gloss in the center of your bottom lip and onto the bow of your lip with your finger so it's not goopy.  The combination will make your lips look healthy, moisturized and kissable.

2. Be real

Wear fake lashes?  Hair extensions?  Get rid of them.  There's almost nothing worse for a man than noticing (or finding out after a romp) that a woman has over accentuated one of her features.  It gives them the feeling that you're insecure.  Hey, I love my clip-in hair extensions, and wear them a ton, but I'm just letting you know what I've learned.  Take it or leave it.  If you must wear your lashes or hair extensions, own up to them in conversation and don't let him wonder.  That's just creepy.  Of course when going out with the girls, a few falsies couldn't hurt!  Bring it all on!

3. Own your scent

Wearing the latest Marc Jacobs scent isn't that impressive to a man or at least it shouldn't be.  Be very aware of what you smell like at all times whether you're wearing fragrance or not. Your natural scent is appealing and you don't even know it.  If you choose to wear a fragrance make sure it has notes of amber or vanilla, both are favorites of the male species, and spritz lightly.