Vajazzling: I Had To

I wasn't going to do it, but I couldn't help myself.  Blog about it that is!  Get your mind out of the gutter!  Vajazzling, the art of bedazzling your you-know-what is the latest craze in grooming down there for women.  To be honest, it disgusts me.  What happened to getting excited over lingerie? Now, there's penazzling! Swear to God... Completely Bare Spa has embraced equal opportunity by decorating guys junk with crystals.  Please, make it stop!  What would you do if you saw a bedazzled wiener? OMG I can't even imagine!

The question used to be whether or not to get a Brazilian and now it's whether or not you should surprise your significant other with crystals all over your crotch.  While I'm opting out of this, many are embracing it including Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Check out the YouTube video of Bryce from The Luxury Spot getting Vajazzled and let me know what you think.  Are you in or out?