Urban Eskimos Invaded the Runway at Rag & Bone

Backstage at Rag & Bone the inspiration was urban eskimo.  Loose braids sporatically placed throughout the hair that "look as if a girl did them herself as she day dreams about her boyfriend" were paired with windswept skin and rosy lips. The Redken lead stylist didn't want the braids to look too perfect.  Each model had two that were secured with a clear hair band and then pulled out a bit to make them looser.

Gucci Westman was the lead makeup artist for Revlon and leaned on a new Revlon compact that comes out in October to complete the look.  It featured a quad of what looked like a mix of lipsticks and eyeshadows. The lipstick was used not only on some of the models' lips to make them pinker, but also on the eye lids to create more texture.

Check out this video of Gucci Westman doing a model's full face: