Ulgy Betty's Beauty Secret

Yesterday I had a sneak peek inside the hair and makeup trailer for the cast of Ugly Betty.  They were filming right outside of my office and were nice enough to invite me inside.  I met the heads of hair, Matthew and Joel and one of the makeup artists who works on the stars, Roxanne Rizzo. 

The trailer wasn't as loaded with product as I expected.  Most of the hair tools were FHI and they also had Kerastase, TIGI Bed Head and Big Sexy Hair all over the counter. The most exciting part about chatting with the artists was finding out the big secret behind America Ferrera's on screen glow.

Makeup artist, Roxanne Rizzo, developed a self tanner called Bronze Glow that delivers instant natural results.  She mists the cast before doing their makeup.  Lucky for me, the cast was on location shooting so as she began telling me about Bronze Glow, she began misting me! 

"The secret behind this formula is that you can layer it until you achieve the results you're looking for," Rizzo stated. She sprayed my face and arms and after a few times (with 30 second breaks in between for drying) I was bronze.  I woke up today and still have the not-so-Ugly Betty golden glow.  It lasts about three days. 

I never tried a self tanner that I was able to layer to get instant results before so I liked the concept.  It was like being in a Mystic Tan booth.  I also liked that after Rizzo sprayed it on, she didn't have to rub it in. So there's no need to worry about staining your hands.  My fave part is that it smells like cherry!  Sooo BeautySweetSpot!  Check out Rizzo's website for more info on Bronze Glow.  The secrets out!