Twilight Fans: Get Your Bite On

It began with Lip Venom – and then there was Lip Venom V – now, allow me to introduce you to Twilight Venom Blush, DuWop's latest partnership with the Twilight Saga.  To celebrate to launch of Eclipse, the cosmetic company came back biting for more. Twilight Venom Blush is very similar to DuWop's Lip Venom V (which was released in conjunction with New Moon), but this one's a little more subtle.  It features a two-part moisturizing lip stain – the top has a venom-laced lip conditioner and the bottom includes a shimmering pink stain.  When shaken together they create a perfect blend.  You can use them separately and control the amount of pigment you want.

The key moisturizing ingredients are aragan oil, avocado oil, olive oil and Vitamin E , while the bite comes from essential oils like cinnamon and wintergreen, which increase circulation and plump your pucker.

Twilight Venom Blush, $16