Tried and True

I've tried lots of different products to fill in my light, sparse brows.  From pencils that fill in gaps to gels that darken my hairs, I was never picky as long as they looked like they were there, until I discovered something different, Talika Eyebrow Extender.  Now, there's no turning back.

When I was first introduced to the product I didn't believe it's claims.  It actually extends your eyebrows and creates hair, well kind of.  It's a gel that contains microscopic fibers that actually cling onto your eyebrows giving them a fuller and thicker appearance.  I comes in several different shades to match your hair color.  

I use dark brown and swipe it over each brow when I'm doing my makeup and and it really does boost my brows for the night.  As soon as I wash my face they're back to normal.  

You can get the Talika Eyebrow Extender for $35 here.