Tried and True

Now, you can kiss those irritating pout plumpers good-bye. L’Oréal recently added a new gloss to their Infallible Never Fail Lip Gloss line, which promises to enhance your pout and give you rich color. The Infallible Never Fail Plumping Lip Gloss comes in eight shades and claims to last up to six hours.  That'll take you through dinner, drinks and dancing with that special someone.

I was skeptical about trying it at first since in the past I’ve tried similar products that worked, but felt a slightly painful tingle and somewhat of a numbing sensation that was... uncomfortable to say the least.   However, to my surprise when I swiped this new gloss on, I felt a very slight tingle for a couple of seconds without any further irritations.  The color stained my lips, so I was committed to it for the night, but I did have to reapply it before six hours to keep up the glossy shine.

I really like the petal shape applicator. It allows for easier application when on the go because it follows my lips. Blush is my color of choice since it’s a subtle shade with the specs of gold that capture the light. 

You can find it here for $9.99.