The Chic Way to Wear White Nail Polish

Normally while riding the subway I get lost in my headphones and try to mind my own business, but recently I was struck by a manicure.  The girl sitting directly across from me had the most perfectly painted white tips and I found myself instantly envious thinking, white polish would never look that striking on my nails.  Eager to put the hot new spring beauty trend to the test, I visited the Jin Soon Nail Spa in the West Village and spoke with Jin, herself, about the do's and don'ts to wearing hot hue.

"White is very tricky and can be done horribly wrong," she commented.  "There are a few simple rules that come into play when wanting to wear it."

  1. Find the right formula.  Opaque whites can be gummy or streaky.  You need to find a formula that paints on smooth.  Two coats should do it.  It's really all trial and error.
  2. Shape your nails appropriately.  In order for the color to look modern, your nails should be short to medium in length with a rounded square shape.  Wearing white polish is a whole look, not just about the color.
  3. Apply precisely.  A professional job may be worth investing in unless you have a very steady hand.  Make sure it looks chic and not cheap by making sure the polish doesn't touch the cuticle.  

Jin Soon used her new "Kooki White" shade for fashion shows like Karen Walker. Inspired by the 1950's,"Kookie White" isn't stark white, like you may think.  It's a universally flattering shade of with blue and grey undertones, which even looked chic on my pale skin.  That's right, no tan needed. (Note: Kooki White will be available here soon).