My Travel Beauty Must Haves

So for the past six weeks I've been on the road.  Between press trips and TV segments I've been all over America. After five segments, a red carpet event, ghost tour of New Orleans, the Sundance Film Festival and thirteen flights later I'm back in NYC.  As glamourous as it sounds, it's been rough! There have been some beauty products that were staples in my carry-on that I could not have survived without.  They're not all that  pretty, but they get the job done!

Veripur, a moisturizing hand sanitizer that actually protects your hands from germs for four hours.  Between all of the airports and planes I've been on, this has been my go-to.  Unlike other hand sanitizers, this one's really moisturizing so my hands don't feel dry when flying and the four hour protection is key.

KohGenDo Macro Vintage Essence Mask, a face mask loaded with moisturizing ingredients.  Each time I arrive at a hotel room I use this for ten minutes to restore moisture back into my face before a TV segment. It gives my skin a great boost.

Blistex Lip Massage, a lip emollient that hydrates and protects.  This goes beyond chapstick or lip balm for me.  I whipped this one out for my winter travels.  It's a thick ointment-type of lip protectant that really hydrates and I don't need to reapply it often.