Top Ways to Boost Your Smile, In Case Your OCD Like Me

Ever since I straightened my teeth with Invisalign I've been completely OCD about my smile. It's to the point where I'm looking at every celebrities smile and comparing mine to it. Apparently some of them (like Jessica Biel) even move their gums so their teeth are the "ideal" height and width.  According to an Invisalign study, almost three in four (73%) Americans would be more likely to trust someone with a nice smile.  A nice smile, not a perfect smile.  So here are ways I've been boosting mine and satisfying my obsession. I started using fancy toothpaste.   Theodent Classic Whitening Crystal Mint to be exact, with a combination of Crest 3D White products.  My newly aligned teeth deserve to be pampered with pretty toothpaste.  That's how crazy I am now, but I will say that it's an all natural whitener that makes my mouth feel clean and my teeth sparkle.  I've also been obsessed with Crest 2D White Multi-Care Whitening Rinse and probably overuse their 2 Hour Express Whitestrips, which I don't recommend you do at home.

Another thing I've been doing is wearing lip color!  I want to draw all of the attention to my mouth now.  I used to always play up my eyes, but now I finally feel confident enough to make accentuating my smile an option too.  Tip: Use a blue based red lipstick to make your teeth look whiter.

Check out my new smile here!

*I am a spokesperson for Invisalign (sponsored) and I have received complimentary treatment, but all of my thoughts and actions are my own.