Top Summer Eco Friendly Finds

This morning I was on NBC's The 10! Show in Philly speaking about summer's beauty and fashion essentials with a twist, they're all good for you and the environment. 

First, I spoke about Kiss My Face Organic Sunscreen (not only is it organic, but it's 100% paraben free too!) and then Glowelle, which is an all natural beauty drink that supplements your daily skin care regimen.  I drink it every morning because it's clinically proven to fight free radicals and prevent aging.  The glass bottles are recyclable, but they're also very cute so I use some as vases in my kitchen. 

Then, I was so excited because I got the chance to speak about shoes (one of my guilty pleasures)!  A variety of La Canadienne wedges were displayed in all different colors.  The shoes are hand made in Italy with non-toxic dyes and the cork on the wedge is sustainable and actually made from trees in Portugal and Spain.  Who would have thought such a fashionable/eco friendly shoe even exists?  And since it was pouring in Philly, I was also able to show off La Canadienne's Pulley rain boots.

As the segment went on, I mentioned Paul Mitchell's new hair care line made with organic tea tree oil, and surprised the audience when I said I discovered organic beach accessories at Whole Foods (yes, I'm serious).  Finally, I was proud to speak about Patagonia, a clothing line made with organic cotton that donates 1% of their sales to preserving and restoring the environment.  And to top it all off, I showcased a few pairs of all-natural sunglasses made by iwood Eco Designs that created out of recycled exotic woods.  The segment host loved them and tried them on.

All in all, the 5 1/2 minute segment felt like 30 seconds and I'm a true believer of the green movement.  Afterall, green is the new black! 

 Check out the segment here.