My Top Places in NYC for Relaxation

Last Friday I decided to unplug, well as much as possible and treat myself and my skin to a day of wellness, which included pilates, a facial and a massage.  While I love checking out the latest treatments from spas across the city and even around the world, when I book myself a much needed day to de-stress I always turn to my two favorite spots  – Mario Badescu and the Townhouse Spa – for guaranteed results. Facials at Mario Badescu are no joke.  Pampering?  Somewhat, but what I like about their services is that they get the job done.  If you're one of those people who get facials twice a year to relax and enjoy a variety of masks being slathered on your face, while you get a hand massage, then this isn't the place for you.  For a busy New Yorker on a schedule, who wants an efficient skin cleansing with an added boost, this is the place for you.  I try to visit every three months.  They also have an incredible skincare line that works miracles.

The Townhouse Spa has been my go-to spa since my Cosmo days.  It's a three floor boutique spa in midtown that's always ahead of the curve with the latest treatments and technology.  Joe and I actually had a couples massage there on Friday night (as we do a lot) and besides giving a heavenly massage, they also cater to men very well.  There's a whole men's floor, which makes it more comfortable for the guys.  Just ask Joe.