Top 5 Beauty Trends of 2012

What's a better way to start off a new year than to present the predicted top five beauty trends? Get excited because sampling is in!  Free beauty loot?  Sounds like it's going to be a good year already!  Read on as I dissect the top five trends and what you can expect this year will bring for us beauty junkies. 1. Beauty from the Inside 

I've written a whole post about this a few weeks ago, because I've already noticed a ton of new products coming out.  As people continue to become more health conscious, there will be a bigger demand for nutricosmetics, the focus on beauty from within.  To support their normal beauty regimens of anti-aging creams and preventative serums, women will be drinking, swallowing and even eating their skincare to supplement their routines.  Hey, every little bit counts.

2. Men Boost Interest in Anti-Aging

Men care more than most think about their appearance especially when it comes to aging.  I think that a few grey hair and a little bit of crows feet on a man add to their sex appeal, but apparently they too want to look younger, or at least age in the best way possible.  There will be more of a demand for men's anti-aging skin and hair care.

3. Androgyny is In 

When it comes to the idea of beauty androgyny is in.  Men are and will continue to grow out their hair like Chase Crawford and even Johnny Depp and women will be cropping theirs into pixi cuts think Michelle Williams and Emma Watson.  Social ideas of gender roles will be crossed and pushed even further.  Celebrities and runways are beginning to cross lines and commoners are following.  Example: cross gendered models are walking runways, which celebrates who they are.

4. Chemical Free Cosmetics

Because of increased awareness of health concerns, women will continue seek more and more organic and eco friendly makeup.  You are super savvy and know which ingredients to look for in cosmetics just like you do when they shop for food.  Just because a package says, "Paraben free," doesn't mean it's organic and you know that. You're going to start shopping more for pure cosmetics that give you pigment and coverage without the health risks.

5. Free Samples

Sampling is key to purchase in the world of beauty and the free samples will keep coming.  Sounds good to me.  Sites like Birchbox, a membership site which sends you a sampling of beauty products per month for $10 a month will continue to pop up and sampling experiences at stores and online will drive purchase.