Toni Francesc Pairs Green Dresses with Forest Inspired Beauty

“Urban Forest” was the theme backstage at Toni Francesc.  Lead makeup artist Jackie Mgido of Mehron cosmetics tied the makeup in this tough-meets-natural look by mixing earthy colors on the face with a pop of brightness at the eyes.  “Keep it natural and well-blended,” she advises, using a small brush to apply light cream foundation “only where needed.”  Jackie sought to promote healthy skin by creating a light glow; Mehron’s Celebra Foundation helps to achieve the look with ingredients like pomegranate and soothing aloe.  Plus, it’s oil free! On the eyes, Jackie uses cream eye shadow in bright yellows, blues, greens, and grays.  She especially recommends cream products in the winter, as dry eyelids take over.  Conveniently, cream shadow doesn’t need a base.  She notes that you can blend cream in nicely with just your fingertips.  Cream makeup translates to cheeks and lips as well; Jackie shows me a palette of saturated yet sheer multi-purpose hues that she uses on the cheeks solo and on the lips topped over foundation.

Hair at Toni was led by Nelson Cartaya of Salerm.  His team “re-created a forest in the models’ hair,” as Cartaya describes, through the intricate full-head braiding that conveyed a “purposely messy yet elegant” look.  The braids, some normal and others atypical, were haphazardly wrapped around the girls’ heads using bobby pins and rubber bands to fasten, creating an easy-going updo.  Products included Salerm Definition Nature hair spray and a bit of mousse, depending on the hair’s texture.  For every day, Cartaya says all you need for a casual look is a good haircut and some good products, sans the fuss.