Engagement Party Prep: Tips on Achieving the Perfect Glow

Wedding bells are ringing and Joe and I have our first wedding event this Saturday, our engagement party!  With our venue booked and the date set, we're beyond excited to celebrate with our families and close friends.  Of course, I'm prepping for the day in a big way from my golden glow to the decor and can't wait to share photos with you.  After finding the perfect outfit, my skin was begging for some color.  That's when I turned to the pros from St. Tropez to customize a blend and spritz me golden. I stripped down and worked with St. Tropez's Skin Finishing Expert, Sophie Evans who created a custom blend to give my pasty skin a natural glow.  She's perhaps the most talented person to ever make me glow (and I've gotten a lot of spray tans).  When she gave an extra dark shot to my eye lids I knew exactly what she was doing and deemed her the queen of contouring.

Of course pre tanning, you have to follow the rules.  Here are Evans's tips:

*         All hair removal should be done the night before *         Exfoliate the night before *         Remove all fragrances, lotions, and deodorant before your tan *         Wear/bring loose fitting clothing for after your tan

Before a big event I always get a spray tan (or self tan) two to three days prior.  In this case it was on Wednesday and my party is on Saturday.  Post tan you're encouraged not to shower until the next morning and even then just to do a rinse.  Waiting until your second shower to use a body wash is best.  On Friday night before my big day I plan on using the St. Tropez Self Tanning Bronzing Lotion for Face, which doesn't clog your pores and if I feel my legs and arms need an extra boost I'm going to also use the St. Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday Body Moisturizer just to keep it fresh.

I'm excited to share more wedding prep with you as the events develop!  Stay tuned!