Tips on An Everlasting Manicure

A few weeks ago I visited Polished Beauty Bar on the Upper West Side.  Rumor had it that when CEO and Lead Manicurist, Susan Nam did your nails, they don't chip.  Being that my nails normally chip after two days, I had to check it out for myself. I got my mani as I normally would and didn't ask Susan any questions or let her know that she was under strict investigation. Well guess what, two weeks later I interviewed her because my polish was still in tact!  I had to get her secret.

My mani's normally last less than a week, I always get a mani and a polish change weekly!  What tricks do you use when giving manis to ensure they'll last?

I always make sure that the client's nail plate is clean and free of any debris that could have been left behind. Then, I make sure to apply the nail polish in thin even coats.

Besides making sure the nail is clean and the application of polish are there any other secrets to making sure your clients polish will last?  What about the nail shape?

When you go for a manicure make sure that you tell your nail technician what shape you want. That shape should be a natural shape, one that follows the natural shape of your nail bed – so in other words, square-ish with rounded sides. This will prevent nails from chipping and breaking.

Once a customer leaves your salon, what can she do to preserve her mani at home?

To preserve your manicure once you leave the salon, try applying one coat of top coat mid-week. This will give your nails a boost as far as color is concerned, and will extend the longevity of your manicure.

If you're a NYer: Visit Polished Beauty Bar throughout December, get a festive colored mani/pedi and receive a complimentary glass of bubbly. Cheers!