Tips from Carmindy on How to Rock A Bright Lip

It's no secret that the key to rocking a bold lipstick shade is confidence, but until recently I couldn't bring myself to do it and I don't think it was confidence that I was lacking. Instead, it was lack of what I like to call lipstick knowledge.  I'm a gloss girl.  I spoke with Celebrity Makeup Artist, Carmindy and got some tips on how to pull off a bright lip with pride like Jessica Alba. 1. How should you prepare your lips for a bold or bright colored lipstick?

First buff them with a little white sugar and a washcloth. Then add a bit of balm and do the rest of your makeup first. Then by the time you apply your lip color they will be nice and moist and ready to go.

2. When wearing a bold color how should you wear the rest of your makeup?

Keep it simple and let the lips be the star of the show. Cheeks should have a simple pink flush and eyes should be neutral with black mascara.

3. What's the key to making color on your lips last?

You can line the lips first with a matching lip liner and then fill them in with the liner. Then apply lipstick and don't gloss. Let the bold color do all the work as gloss on top would be overkill.

4. Would you say wearing bold lip color is high maintenance?

It only is if you don't prep and apply it correctly from the start. You can just add a bit in the center of the lips throughout the night if it wears off.

5. What type of person can rock this lip look?

Anybody can with a positive confident attitude!